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By enhancing the quality of life for the Pocatello's citizens and visitors, the Portneuf Greenway promotes economic growth and helps create a more attractive and vibrant community.

Greenways . . .
  • Provide people with access to outdoor recreation and enjoyment close to home.
  • Promote public health and safety by encouraging physical fitness.
  • Serve as sites for passive pursuits, such as picnicking, camping, and wildlife observation.
  • Provide opportunities for outdoor classroom experiences in close proximity to schools.
  • Help maintain strong public support for community conservation efforts because people can enjoy and appreciate what is being conserved.
Our Greenway provides access to special places that help create a strong sense of place and community in Pocatello and Bannock County while providing a multitude of recreational experiences for person of all ages and abilities.

Our Greenway provides a place for visitors and resident bicyclists, hikers, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, and physically challenged people to exercise and experience the natural beauty of our community.

Our Greenway also serves as an alternative non-motorized transportation route for commutes to work, school, parks, and recreation sites. This alternative form of transportation can help reduce air pollution, road congestion, energy consumption, and are economical and healthy for the user and the community.

Our Greenway serves as a venue for public access to adjacent public lands.
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